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Why Habito?

What's so special about our Habito solution?

Habito has been created to allow you to easily fix items to your wall and personalise your home with no need for drills or specialist fixings. You can simply screw straight into the wall surface with each screw holding 15kg. Alongside being more user friendly Habito is strong and durable providing great resistance to everyday knocks and bumps and provides enhanced sound insulation to bring harmony to your home.

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Greater sound insulation

Habito wall systems deliver enhanced levels of sound insulation, greatly reducing noise breakthrough from other rooms in your home. Allowing different members of the family to turn it up loud in one room and keep things quiet in the next. So now you can watch TV or play music without disturbing anyone else.

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Easy to fix, 15kg per screw, no drill or specialist fixing

Habito enables you to fix shelves, curtain poles, picture hooks and TVs into place, without any need for drills or specialist fixings. Simply screw straight into the wall surface making DIY easy. Giving you more freedom to have your home just the way you want it.

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Extra Strong

Habito Wall has added strength, allowing you to hang up to 15kg on a single screw. This high performing wall removes any unnecessary stress in tyring to find the right fixing to hold that heavy mirror. Simply screw a standard 5mm wood screw directly into the wall with a screwdriver, and hang the fixture.

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Designed to withstand knocks and bumps

It is inevitable that the walls in your home will get knocked, whether it is the kids playing, furniture being moved or just simple wear and tear. Habito walls offer a superior resistance to these everyday bangs. Habito is a reassuringly solid and strong plasterboard wall, you can actually feel how different Habito walls are from standard plasterboard walls, by just touching them.